2019 Annual African SGCs meeting, Tanzania

The 4th meeting of the Africa SGC and associated meetings
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
11th - 15th November 2019

The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) on behalf of the organisers has a pleasure to invite the delegates of the 2019 Annual African Science Granting Councils meeting to the House of Peace, Dar es Salaam city, Tanzania. COSTECH is the apex body of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania in all matters on Science, Technology and Innovation

Event Date
SGCI Annual Forum 12-Nov-19
SGCI workshop (MEL) (closed) 13-Nov-19
SGCI Councils Committee meeting(closed) 14-Nov-19
SGCI Panel of Advisors meeting (closed) 14-Nov-19
SGCI CTA meeting (closed) 14-Nov-19
SGCI Gender and inclusivity 14-Nov-19
IRDFF 2019 meeting 11-Nov-19
IRDFF 2019 meeting (closed) 14-Nov-19
DFID knowledge systems and innovation 11-Nov-19
NRF-Carnegie Corporation - PEKKA (closed) 13-Nov-19
NRF-Carnegie Corporation - PEKKA 14-Nov-19
NGlobal Research Council (GRC) Africa 15-Nov-19
Event Date
Opening ceremony (closed) 11-Nov-19
Opening dinner (closed) 11-Nov-19
Cocktail party (closed) 12-Nov-19
COSTECH Surprise dinner (closed) 13-Nov-19
National Museum of Tanzania tour 13-Nov-19
National Science, Technology and Innovation exhibition (open to the public) 11-15 Nov-19
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